Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 Months


A blog post?

A blog post.

I think my problem with blogging about writing is I don't feel comfortable talking about it. Half of my friends don't even know I write. So the idea of writing about writing means I have to admit that I write, or what I write. And that's a bit hard for me. Also I've had such a hard time writing for like two years, so it's made it hard for me to talk about it even more.

But we're halfway through 2016 and I thought I'd take inventory. Also I like having a place where I can see how I'm doing. I have a clipboard in my room but it's nice to have something up so people have to see it. And yes, I get that it's almost July so really we're 7 months in. Just bare with me.

I'm very much a goal oriented person. I need goals. Right now I'm on a 40 day fast, and if I complete it I've allowed myself the opportunity to buy a Star Labs sweater. I'm studying for a big test so I'm not allowed to watch an episode of The Flash unless I study for an hour. And when I finish studying I'm allowing myself to buy a pair of shoes I've been aching for.

Goals + Rewards = Successful Janine

So I've been thinking about how I can apply that to writing. I haven't finished anything in more than a year now. And I'm starting to get that itch to start a new story. So I'm going to do myself a solid here and promise myself things if I do good.

So here goes.

IF I finish drafting the Spanish WIP THEN I can reward myself with GOLD BOOTIES.

IF I regularly post Ice Princess up until chapter 14 THEN I can reward myself with 3 NEW VINTAGE TOPS.

IF I finish the Spanish WIP THEN I can world on the Gold WIP.

IF I work on revisions of FS three times a week for a month THEN I can reward myself with NEW CHURCH SHOES.

Alright. There you go. That's my incentive for myself. I also want to work on building up my wardrobe every week. So every week I have to buy one item to build up my wardrobe, but nothing crazy expensive (otherwise I have to wait two or three weeks). And on the side save up for a new camera. Slowly... Sloooowly I'll start a fashion blog this way, while improving my writing. So it's a win win.

How about some art goals?

IF I finish 3 art pieces a month for 3 months THEN I can reward myself with a PHONE CASE AND SCARF FROM REDBUBBLE.

IF I make 1 piece a month featuring a full background for 3 months THEN I can reward myself with a VINTAGE COAT.

Let's check back in December with how I did.

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