Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time For Some Changes

This isn't easy. As of this month I'll have been on Wattpad for five years. And more so, I'll have been working on Ice Princess for five years this November. Five years is a long time and quite the commitment. And it's been an amazing endeavor.

Let me clarify first that I'm not leaving Wattpad. I planned to a year ago but then I hit my first million views and decided otherwise. Now I'm at three million views and after much prayer and discussion, I've decided it's time to take down a story on Wattpad.

Ice Princess is my most popular story. It has three million views. It has fan art. It has dedicated fans who find me on instagram and goodreads. It has haters (Oh how I love the haters). I've had people tell me they read it a year ago and is still raving about it. I mean that's not something I can just ignore. EVERY DAY I get emails from readers about it. Every. Fricken. Day.

So why am I taking it down?

A few years ago I was a naive nineteen year old who had publishers knocking on her door. Now I'm a little less naive and almost twenty-two. But I've learned a lot, and I know I have something to offer readers. On Monday January 19th the ending half of Ice Princess is coming off Wattpad. On March first more will be taken down. I'll leave a good chunk of chapters up while I query and see where I can take it.

Thankfully Wattpad has a way where you can turn your stories back into drafts. I'm not sure if that means I can keep my views and comments (I sure hope so) but it's something. This has been such a hard decision, but I feel good about it and I'll stand by it. This has brought me many blessings and I'm excited for what's in store. I'm sorry if this is by any way an inconvenience on anyone but I want to make this my career so I'm gonna work my tail off and do my best.

Much love,


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  1. This makes absolute sense. Your talent and your words are yours alone, and YOU have every right to decide what you do with them. People can enjoy the stories while they are up, but it's unfair to expect you to give them something valuable for free. So I say, good luck to you and go for it!! And no need to apologize for valuing yourself and your work!!! :-)