Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blabbing + The Three Musketeers

I swear I'm the worst blogger, which is silly because I feel like I have a lot to blog about. But the thing is, when I blog about writing I feel like I'm too much of an ameteur so I freeze up and just keep it as a draft. When I talk about fashion I feel like I lack style (which I don't) and I give up and end up with something lame. When I talk about life I feel like it's much too boring. And so on and so forth.

So I'm going to write whatever the hell comes up.

Today I came to church with cowboy boots and walked out with two pairs. My leader had bought some on ebay and found they didn't fit so the girls tried them on. Lo and behold, they fit me. Well, one of them.... They're handmade and whoever chose to have them made had their right foot bigger than their left. It's fine though, I can just wear more socks on my left feet and its good. That sounds silly, but I wanted another pair. And they're black and so slick.

My writing is at a standstill. I suppose that isn't surprise after I pretty much went full speed into three new stories. I posted a new one on wattpad which has already seen a lot of popularity. Honestly I need to stop with all the ideas. It's going to drive me insane. I'm surprised my readers haven't freaked out at me yet.

I've also been bored enough to revamp the blog. It's not perfect, but it's more personalized to me. You can't really see it but the background is of several of my book covers in a collage with some editing done to make it pretty. And there's the new header, which has the cover of Withered on it since I will be working on that during Nanowrimo.

Gosh I'm so nervous. I mean... It's nanowrimo! I failed it last year, so what makes this year different? I'm still not sure how I want this one to end. But I'm trying to plan it out. I've done lots of world building and research since it's in an 18th century world (alternate world mind you). I gotta say I really love it. The 18th century quickly became a new favorite of mine, though it still doesn't compare to the 19th and mid 20th centuries. But the French Revolution certainly helps it.

Speaking of history, I recently saw the historical adventure (with a touch of steampunk) The Three Musketeers. Here's the thing, this isn't the kind of movie you're suppose to really take seriously. It's not supposed to be dissected and searched for critical value. It's just to watch for fun. Just like Prince of Persia (though let's be honest we all watched that to get a gander at Jake Gyllenhal and his new hot bod [pardon the unladylike manners]) it's just something to enjoy watching. Transformers doesn't fit this category by the way. That's just crap.

But anyway, back to the movie, it's was really fun to watch and I loved it. There, I said it. Okay I know I don't have the best taste (though I would argue I do have fine taste such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Casablanca), but I really did love this movie. Of course, I'm biased because it had history, GORGEOUS - and I mean GORGEOUS - outfits, Logan Lerman, and steampunk. And in case you're wondering, Loan didn't do an amazing job. He did good in the action sequences but I think Logan is just too much of a humble guy to really convince anyone that he is cocky. Maybe that's just me.

I just really enjoyed it. My sister keeps going on about it, but she's just biased against my opinions. Ha ha! Anyway, in case you aren't convinced of how beautiful the constumes are. Take a look! Milady had the best costumes (and she was without a doubt the best character next to Aramis).

So if you're looking a movie that is just fun and enjoyable but not perfect, go see it. I think it's made for 3D and I do regret not seeing it in 3D. There are lots of scenes that you could tell were especially made for 3D. Poo. I don't think I can convince my sister or parents to take me.

Now, here are those lovely outfits:

Juno Temple in a beautiful dress. The girls behind her are also in beautiful dresses.
Gabrielle Wilde. She's gorgeous!

Love love LOVE this character! Any woman who can kick butt and still look good has my vote :)
I love the king... He was both hysterical, and adorable.
Hi Mr. Darcy
Are you convinced of how stunning the costumes are yet? I'm officially obsessed with 17th century fashion now. And well... the history too. Darn you Three Musketeers! Oh, and because simply must, here's Logan being awesome Logan:
And that's all! Have a great day :)


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