Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Travis Jones

Next segment of the little character thing. Since I figured I've already highlighted Benvolio before that Travis deserved some attention. So here he is:

my imagination for him is Hunter
Parrish. Soooo handsome, isn't he?
Name: Travis Jones

Age: 19

DOB: March 10th 1992

Birthplace: Saint George Utah U.S.A.

Major: Communications

Hobbies: Building things, working with his hands, hanging with Audrey, dancing, playing basketball, going for a drive, singing, choir, reading

One Wish: For Audrey to notice his feelings

About Travis: Travis is Audrey's long time friend. They've known each other since they were preschool age. Travis is a bit of a shy guy, not great with girls though certainly a good looking guy. He enjoys choir and singing though he has no interest in pursuing music as a career. He's had a thing for Audrey for years but finally decides to come out of his shell and tell her on their trip to Verona as he knows that in a few months he'll have to leave on his mission for two years to Verona Italy. Travis is the sort of guy every girl needs as a friend. He can joke with you when you need a laugh, talk with you when you need to talk, and he always listens, but he just doesn't receive those things back. He gives but never gets back, and sometimes that makes him anxious and impatient, especially with Audrey. Though in the end he accepts being her friend and decides that he'll figure things out after his mission, he still wasn't 100% supportive of her and Benvolio, which doesn't really matter since he left anyway. He is very protective of her which makes her think of him as an older brother. This just tends to be his problem with girls. He gives, but just doesn't receive and BAM. He's just a friend. Poor Travis.

Random facts about Travis:
-He chose to go to community college this year so he could stay near Audrey, but he never told her that.

-Travis' name is based on two leaders I met in church, but his personality is actually closer to my own (though not completel)

-He has never admitted this aloud but he actually doesn't like Twizzlers. Don't tell Audrey - she might have a heart attack.

-Ironically Travis played Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, and even performed at the Shakespeare Fesitval. He was even offered a chance to perform at BYU (oh the irony) but declined because he was planning to go on his mission as soon as the festival ended. He only stayed in the play because his uncle kept loosing cast mates and he promised to help pay for his mission.

-Travis never liked Annabelle. In fact he for years he would vocally display his dislike of her to Audrey until he got older and realized he was wasting his time. That and Audrey always found a way to shut him up because she thought gossip was unattractive. He never gossiped again.

- Despite his love of choir Travis hates musicals. He thinks they're corny and weird. Because of this he never participated in their theater groups musicals, though he helped with production like Audrey (she's a horrible singer). Despite his hatred of musicals, he always loved musical season because he got to spend more time with her.

-Obviously he is quite love sick for Audrey but Travis had a lot of offers for dates. He was quite popular with the ladies, actually, even though he didn't think he was. However, once he got his mission call he refused to date anyone. It makes you wonder how he does AFTER his mission.

-Travis never kissed a girl before he kissed Audrey. So he was pretty happy with himself, until he realized what he did to Benvolio. For years he was in wrestling and did boxing, so he's a pretty good fighter. But that was when he was in middle school, and now he's just a skinny choir boy, sooo that isn't as true anymore.

And that's it for Travis. I don't think I'll do Benvolio because I've already talked about him in my post about the Many Faces of Benvolio and such. Sooo.... Maybe I'll move on to a different story. Deception? Vintage Catalyst? (Wouldn't I just love to talk about Reeve and Westley... hehehe!) I don't know. We'll see.

Until then, tootles!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Meet Audrey Sanchez

Eh. New thing. I'll talk about my characters including things I haven't had he chance to share. Here goes!

possible candidate
for Audrey -Eiza Gonzalez

 Name: Audrey Sanchez

Age: 19

DOB: June 17th 1992

Birthplace: Dixie Utah U.S.A.

Major: Drama

Hobbies: Acting, being a drama queen, complaining, eating Twizzlers, Ballroom Dance (I so wanted to share this more), Playing sports (specifically volleyball, rugby, and wall ball), reading

One Wish: To have a boyfriend quite honestly

About Audrey: Audrey is a bit of a whiny drama queen. She can't seem to understand why she doesn't have a boyfriend. In a way she's a bit cocky because she thinks she's good enough for a great guy, yet the only guy she thought she had a chance with ended up dating her hot cousin. As a drama queen, Audrey makes a wish for the a guy like the men of Shakespeare, naming a few and ends up with them coming to her world and fawning after her. It's through this experience she learns that she doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy, but also learns a thing or two about love. It's a maturing experience for her, and she learns to stop putting herself first.

Random facts about Audrey:
-Audrey has been friends with Travis since they were in preschool

-Her favorite Shakespeare character is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing

-She idolizes Audrey Hepburn because they share the same first name and she was an actress.

-She is based off of my sister! But with some differences to her personality (for instance, my sister does not have a problem getting guys to like her like Audrey).

-Her favorite play is Gigi, which is also the role she wishes to one day play like Audrey Hepburn

-Audrey has a major crush on Derrick Hough and has recorded her favorite dances with him from DWTS (and she admits that's completely dorky of her)

-It's highly against her religion to share a room with a guy (Benvolio) yet because she never told her director no one knew and she didn't get in trouble.

-Audrey didn't go to college after high school because she was too scared to apply to BYU knowing her family wouldn't be able to afford to. She went to a community college instead and worked at the Dixie Theater in hopes of getting a scholarship once she performed at the Shakespeare Fesitval

-Audrey never performed at the Shakespeare Festival so she never got the scholarship to BYU (and that's all that will ever be said about her future).

And there we go! That's Audrey for you. I figured I could talk openly about her because her story is over. She was a fun one to get to know, though a real pain in the butt.

I'll try another character from Shakespeare Syndrome soon. Maybe Benvolio or Travis. Who knows.